Future Fears

HGTV features the lengthy, rewarding process of house restoration. People risk thousands to buy ugly, old houses in hope of creating a work of art. Revealing a home exceeding all expectations, every episode showcases the success possible through faith, hard work and perseverance. I think God works the same way. I see my flaws, but God sees my potential. And just like HGTV renovates beaten homes, the Ultimate Architect restores our lives and our futures with beautiful craftsmanship.

As I enter “the real world” it gets harder to determine where I want to go, what I want to do, and ultimately, who I want to be. I know God has reasons for concealing His plans for me, but sometimes it’s hard for my Type A personality to live such an unstructured life. I fear the future more than I like to admit, and I fear the “what ifs” and unknowns so inevitably woven in life.

I worry about tomorrow because I am in the middle of messy construction. My life is a million scattered pieces, and I don’t know how to put them together. And as a control freak, it scares me living without a concrete manual. It’s easy to worry about money and security and unfulfilled expectations. But all of my worrying and planning doesn’t improve my tomorrow; it destroys my today.

Isn’t it mind-boggling that we never actually live in our tomorrows? We only ever live in the present, the today. As Kung Foo Panda taught me, “That’s why it’s called a present.” We aren’t promised the future. We are promised life. I don’t want to waste my days; I want to enjoy each moment as the beautiful gift it is.

Romans 8:32 says “Since He did not spare even His own Son but gave Him up for us all, won’t He also give us everything else?” Woah. God paid the ultimate price for my eternal salvation. If God can surrender His beloved flesh and blood to save a sinner like me, I’m more than confident He can and will provide my earthly needs.

I wish I could see my future floor plan, but without fear, there would be no faith. We all endure seasons of brokenness, seasons of uncertainty and seasons of ugliness. We fear the future; we fear failure; we fear inadequacy.

Scientists explain that “darkness is merely the absence of light.” Similarly, I think fear is the absence of hope. Or perhaps – misplaced hope. Fearing my future simply means that I worry about everything that could go wrong instead of praying for could go right.

So maybe I don’t know what’s next. And honestly, I would be lying if I said that didn’t scare me. But if my trust is in the one who created Heaven and Earth and calls me by name, I think I’ll be more than OK. After all, he already promised a unique plan for my life, and He always keeps His promises – look at a rainbow! (Jeremiah 29:11; Deuteronomy 7:9, Genesis 6-9)

Just as HGTV creates art from wreckage, God breathes beauty from our darkest points. I may not always know where I’m going, but I know exactly who to follow. And I’ve never felt more secure.

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